Don't let your problems grow - Campaign

No customers wanted

TFF has a unique position as a governing body for making sure motorists pay their insurance. If they don’t, TFF has to fine them, but they also pay for uninsured damages. In a perfect world there is no TFF and that’s the message they want to get across.

Most people know they have to pay. And they know it will only get worse if they don’t. We turned this insight into a concept for a three year running campaign about ignoring problems.

And as you can see, they don’t go away.


The freezer

Cross channel campaign

To reach the target audience we also developed a print campaign on the same theme. Dishes turning into a jungle. Headphones in an unbelievable tangle. They all took the same approach of delivering the message in a friendly everyday manner to not turn into scare tactics and be shunned by the recipient.


The sandwich


The painting