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A different side of the story

When people think about the church they often think about the history of the church. Few think about how the church actually evolves just like the rest of society. Preachers on Instagram and bishops in yoga class. This story, of the church evolving alongside society, was one that Oh My wanted to tell.

Together with the Church of Sweden we developed Follow Me. A book chronicling the communications inside and outside the church and how it had changed with the digital revolution over the past 20 years.

“There’s no way this book will be shorter than 200 pages”

- Amanda Berglund, designer Oh My

The whole story

Follow Me truly became a chronicle of the whole journey from ledger to Twitter. Tackling a project like this is why we at Oh My feel it is so important to have trained journalists on staff. This is not your everyday, witty copy job. This is a story of a few people’s life’s work and that’s the respect we wanted to go into this project with.