Do the wave for Härnösand - Branding

In 2017, Oh My was picked as Härnösands kommun’s marketing partner. Our task was to get the great stories of the region and its citizens out there. With everything ranging from incredible hiking trails to production of the world’s best gin, there sure were stories to tell. But for a great message to prevail you need to look the part. Our first task was to update the brand so it could keep pace with the development of the region.


Do the wave for Härnösand

All of Sweden’s municipalities have traditional city arms representing the region. In Härnösand’s case its a beaver …eating a salmon. Although, just like Portland, we like to keep Härnösand weird, we were asked to put a new message out there so we brought Härnösand’s unofficial icon ’The Three Waves’ to the forefront and perfected it with accompanying colors, images and activations to encourage the citizens and public servants to wave that flag high and proud.

Local connections

We’ve met a lot of people and made some great friends since starting our work in the region of Härnösand. So good that we even decided to open up an office in the new creative hotspot Tobaks outside the city center. Looking outside the major cities to work closely with local entrepreneurs, boosting their business, has always been one of the most fun and rewarding task for us as an agency. If you are looking for an agency with a strong local presence, don’t hesitate to contact us.