It starts at work - Product

It starts at work

Healthtech startup Wellr has decided to revolutionise office health and are counting on Oh My for developing their product as well as marketing it. We came in early with the mission to bring them from side hustle to full fledged start up. We immediately got to work shifting their communication from talking about healthy companies to healthy coworkers. A small change that made a huge impact on how Wellr today walk, talk and position themselves.

Instead of being too focused on the office we realised that feeling well at work is only a step towards feeling well at home. If you can start good habits at work you will become stronger, happier and have more energy for everything after you clock out for the day.

The poses

Wellr needed a symbol. So we looked anywhere we could think; video games, TED talks and Tour de France. Eventually we found one. The power pose, stretching your arms towards the sky, is a universal gesture of wellbeing. So we let our W flex its way to a design that’s both flexible and alive across channels.

A neverending journey

As full-service suppliers, our work with Wellr is truly never finished. We work on their product to iterate and improve all the time and have formed a true partnership all the way to the core.