Lindbäcks - Branding

The roots

Lindbäcks wanted to take the next step on their journey towards becoming an international player in the field of industrial wood construction, and came to Oh My for help. The brief was to update the brand without losing touch with the brand’s heritage, rooted in the forests of northern Sweden.


Follow the journey

Waiting for your new home to be finished can be an exciting – but sometimes frustrating – part of buying a new construction apartment. To adress this, we developed Lindbäcks Live: an app that provides future homeowners with updates on the construction process.

Housing projects with a soul

Every Lindbäcks project is provided with its own unique name, identity and digital presence, based on the main Lindbäcks brand. This ensures an enjoyable variation for potential buyers browsing the projects, as well as increased freedom in local, tailored marketing activities.