Palla skolan - Campaign

Reaching out to high school students

This project with CSN was all about reaching out to high school students with information about how skipping school affects the study grant. According to CSN’s own surveys, high school students had previously perceived their information as difficult and they rarely visited Another challenge was that students skip school for many different reasons, sometimes very private, and are therefore in need of different kinds of communication.

The idea

We came up with an idea based on the insight of having to drop CSN’s authority perspective and create communication from the student’s perspective, as well as letting students in on the idea and message before publishing it live. We visited three high schools around the country and included the students in the process.

Need a pep talk?

Our final solution was – a site where students can choose whether they need a pep talk, a warning or a little push to get them go back to school. Here, CSN takes a greater hold on skipping school and at the same time informs about the study grant.