The Road Ahead for CSN - Branding

Starting in the customer journey

CSN is the government’s student loan body. And with a target audience of more or less the entire Swedish population, we were very excited when asked to rework their brand identity.

The first thing that struck us was how methodical CSN were working with the customer journey that could span almost a whole lifetime. We felt that this was at the core of everything CSN did and so the brand identity should rely on the same foundation. A roadmap based on the customer journey became CSN’s new signature.


The road to the road

Never before had we seen a customer journey that spanned from someone’s twenties all the way to retirement. A journey with bumps, curves and open highways at different times in your life but that together formed a story about how people grew together with CSN.

“Empathy was the key word for our work with CSN. To remind ourselves that everyone in contact with CSN are tight on time, money and patience, and to always work with that in mind.”

- Patrik Creative Director at Oh My

The digital road ahead

Oh My was also asked to consult and inspire, and to serve as a quality controller, in the rework of the CSN website. A site with visits in the millions that carried a lot of mission critical systems. The challenge was to breathe some life into and loosen up the stiffness of the old website while also improving functionality and ease of use. The project was developed in record time for CSN and the new website was live less than a year after the work began.