The perfect mix for Toca Boca - Product

Story time

Toca Boca apps are designed for kids to find and create their own stories through exploration. When tasked with rethinking their in-app news channel, we wanted to create a storytelling tool with one thing in mind: make story time as fun and engaging as possible. Not only for the kids using it, but also for the team at Toca Boca.


The comic book layout system

Life Mix needed to be flexible, scalable and able to hold a lot of different content. From videos to polls to stickers to images and more. Our solution was a custom CMS made specifically for this task. Making it easy for the editors to create amazing layouts from a range of panels.

Prototyping & testing

We prototyped and sketched flows to create a great balance of panels and sizes for a a lot of different screen sizes, before actually applying any design.

“A product needs to be beautiful. Inside and out.”

- Lucas, Designer at Oh My