Build your thing - Branding

Build your thing

Many have heard about the blockchain but few have used it. Superblocks are here to change that. They approached us to make the communication and branding to make the blockchain more accessible while still staying true to their developer core.

We developed a rich design system based on their own ”Language Blocks” that encourages everyone to get involved in the blockchain revolution and to Build Your Thing.

Their own name and alphabet

Oh My came up with the name Superblocks – devised from the city planning philosophy of Barcelona – meant to give back the streets to the people. Superblocks’ mission was to give back the internet to the users and stop big companies from harvesting user data and centralising power. Alongside an encouraging tone and vibrant colors, we really turned the dark, gloomy blockchain into something much more approachable and friendly.

Secured funding and a bright future

After our rebrand, Superblocks managed to secure the funding needed to truly go all-in on their product and build a set of tools for the future decentralised web.