Stillfront Group – Capital Markets Day - Branding

Enter the game

Stillfront Group is a global powerhouse of gaming studios, based in Stockholm. We were given the opportunity to package and brand their first ever Capital Markets Day in the fall of 2019. A day and an event looking to attract investors and financial analysists, often quite traditional and treated as a must do, rather than a platform for brand building and attention attracting.

As we were given free reins to come up with a concept and graphic identity especially for the event, that was all about to change…

Mixing business with pleasure

What if we would treat the event as the launch of a new game…? Tackle the task by looking at how game studios and publishers manage to hype their crowd before the release of a new game. We bet the financial world hadn’t seen a Capital Markets Day anything like that before.

We mixed a whole lot of gaming with a touch business, and voilà – a Capital Markets Day for a company investing in gaming studios was created!  

The strategy

Level 1: A new concept and graphic identity were created – adding color, illustrations, animations and tone of voice to Stillfront’s event.

Level 2: A branded digital invite went out to potential guests, asking them to save the date and stay tuned. The invite linked to a custom website for the event, that included an animated trailer for the event. Supercool. Of course, the website showed agenda, a short introduction of the speakers and an RSVP function as well.

Level 3: The weeks leading up to the event, additional emails were sent out with short video greetings from the CEO, welcoming you to the event (and creating hype).

Level 4: The big day, Stillfront’s Capital Markets Day. We put together an entirely branded event which started off with an animated intro film, just to set the gaming tone and confirm the hype, so to speak. Presentations, stage light design, notebooks, pens and powerbanks, LED-screens – everything had a mix of business and gaming. As a global company, the event was live streamed.

Level 5: After the event, a thank you-email was sent out to everyone attending, that led back to the custom website, which now showed highlights and Key learnings from the Capital Markets Day. Just to keep the interest going and continue the conversation.