Swedish Ice Hockey Association - Branding

Hooked on hockey

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association has one goal: to make Ice Hockey Swedens most engaging sport. An ambition that has resulted in a lot of great and engaging projects and initiatives. And it also resulted in a very varied visual expression.

The association, the national team and Swedish Ice Hockey as a whole needed a new visual expression, that could be applied and varied through all touchpoints, but still gave a cohesive brand experience. The puck was dropped, and this is how we faced the challenge.

The project resulted in, among other things, a new branding strategy, a visual identity, a touch up of the national team logo and a bespoke typeface.

Flex your type

As a part of giving Swedish ice hockey its distinct new look, we developed the custom typeface Flex*. The typeface offers great flexibility as it both works in longer texts and in big bold headlines. The typeface comes in 2 widths and 3 weights.

* The term “Flex” comes from hockey stick flex, which is a measure used in the making of hockey sticks to test how much a shaft will bend.